(Listener Email) Brad has an ISSUE

Dear Letters To The Post,

My name is Brad and I’m emailing you this morning because once again my mom is going to give out raisins and apples today on Halloween and I’m going to get harassed by all of my friends for it.  I’m 13 and most of them don’t trick or treat anymore but they take their little brother’s and sisters and then will text me that my house stinks! The thing I think about most is that on Halloween all across America there are other kids just like me resenting their moms for giving out raisins and apples.  Were any of you one of these kids or am I all alone?




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  • Marie

    Yep, my mom was ‘one of those moms’. Didn’t bother me. My dentist also gave out toothbrushes. If you dont let your friends know they’re bothering you with their texts, then they’ll stop razzing you. If you show that it upsets you, they’ll keep on. Ignore bad behavior. Your mom’s your mom, that’ll never change so make sure you don’t hurt her feelings over this. It’s nice that she cares about the wellbeing of the children she’s giving free snacks to.

    I wonder if you know about what sugar does to our bodies??

    The Overconsumption of American Sugar
    It may shock you to learn that the average American eats up to three pounds of sugar every week. That’s the equivalent of three full bags of the stuff. Of course, few people actually go through that much actual table sugar, but it is found in almost all of the processed foods we eat. This is how it adds up so quickly. One wonders of the effects of this processed sugar on our bodies. Consider this: In the late 19th and early 20 centuries, Americans consumed only about five pounds of sugar a year. And the term “cancer” was hardly known back then.

    An Assault on the Immune System
    More so than causing any particular disease, sugar has a dreadful impact on the building blocks of our immune systems. Let’s take a look at how this is true. Vitamin C is the most important food supplement our bodies require for the proper health and production of white blood cells. White blood cells are the body’s disease fighters. Because these cells need such a high concentration of Vitamin C to effectively combat viruses, we have long been instructed to take supplements of the vitamin to fight off the common cold. It so happens that sugar (in the form of glucose) and Vitamin C are absorbed by white blood cells in the exact same way. It probably goes without saying that Americans do not consume anywhere near three pounds worth of Vitamin C each week (nor would it be recommended). This means that glucose, rather than Vitamin C, finds its way into the cells and leaves the vitamin roaming about without a home. It also leaves the white blood cells wholly unprepared to fight off viruses and bacteria. Sugar in a car’s gas tank causes it not to run. It has the same effect on the body’s immune system.

    Beyond the Immune System
    Unfortunately, sugar poses unique health risks. Beyond the dangers to the immune system, the constant intake of refined sugar can actually cause illnesses and conditions that make life much less pleasant. One of the common ailments attributed to the overconsumption of sugar is diabetes. So much sugar intake can interfere with the body’s ability to correctly produce insulin. An improper amount of sugar can also commonly lead to mood swings as a person becomes dependent on the sugar rush to function normally and maintain a sense of well being. In that respect, sugar can become an addiction and almost a drug. Finally, sugar has been linked to heart disease and obesity.

    Read more: Does Sugar Affect the Immune System? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4568832_does-sugar-affect-immune-system.html#ixzz1cMuWAcer

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    • Joe Nasty

      WOW.. You’re on top of it Marie!

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  • Susan

    The apples will be thrown away by the kids parents due to the item not being wrapped and considered unsafe. Raisins, not quite as bad.

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  • Joe Nasty

    If I was a kid I would take my allowance and buy eggs and TP… that house would be TRASHED tomorrow morning!

    Unfortunately I am not a kid and I am handing out FULL SIZE candy bars and granola bars for the diabetic kids!

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  • Melissa

    I agree with susan!! its a waste to give that stuff out because if its not wrapped or if its something that someone baked or made then it will be thrown away…Parents dont take the chance of something bad happening to their kids!

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  • crybabypeepants87

    So invite your friends over to help TP your house for giving out crappy snacks! LOL

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  • Emily

    Joe Nasty, if you’re giving out full size candy bars, I’m bringing my kids over, my friends’ kids over, and I too am dressing up, for that full size candy bar!

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  • Joe Nasty

    I ate em all with a nice bottle of Chianti….. nomnomnomnom…

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