(LETTERS TO THE POST) My Psycho Ex Thinks We Are Friends

My Ex girlfriend thinks we are still friends. She is really confusing an amicable break up over a decade ago with friendship. She found my email address and personal info. EVERYTHING is on the internet. She emails me every day, wants to be Facebook friends text messages me and it’s really not only a little creepy but inconvenient. My wife is getting a little upset and I don’t want to be a jerk and just tell my ex to get on the bus to Crazy-ville. But she’s acting that way.

How do I cut ties with her in a dignified way without being a complete jerk?



  • Good Advice

    Just explain that you’re married now and that you feel it’s inapproprite and disrespectful to your wife to pursue a friendship since you used to date her. Wish her well, and say goodbye. Then stop answering any correspondence she sends. By answering you are encouraging her.

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  • Joe Nasty

    That IS good advice.

    I say kick that psycho hose beast to the curb! QUICK!

    And then go get a haircut, feel better about yourself and buy your wife some flowers..

    SO there.

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