(LETTERS TO THE POST) “Borrowed” Phone Leads To “Sexting”

Posted 4 years ago

By Administrator

<Editors Note> The names have been changed to protect the innocent.. and the girl that took “Erica’s” phone


My friend “Melissa” used my phone without my permission this weekend and sent a tweet of something that looked like a *****.  I tweet back and forth a lot for work purposes with my politically correct very religious bosses and some of them received this tweet.

How do I explain that even though I was a little drunk this weekend I didn’t send the drunk tweet?

The part that really has me mad is “Melissa” has not apologized.  How do I keep this from happening again?




  • Dan Dringle

    Send her parent’s texts from her phone of her drunk throwing up in the bathroom at the bar. Karma’s a BLAST!

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  • Common Sense

    Don’t loan your phone out…. problem solved

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  • Dan Dringle

    Her point was that the girl used her phone without permission. That’s why I think the retaliation involving her parents is sufficient.

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