(LETTERS TO THE POST) Girlfriend starts smoking.. at age 30

Guys I’m emailing you this morning because my girlfriend just turned 30 a month ago and for this milestone she started smoking. That’s right she started smoking which is really bizarre.

She basically tried it for the first time on her birthday when she had been drinking and she liked it almost immediately and now every time she drinks she buys a pack of cigarettes. How do I get her to stop? Why would someone start a bad habit so late in life? Do you think this is just a phase?


  • http://northplattepost.com Cooper

    Corey, I have to tell you.. She should never have started smoking. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to quit. I finally quit after many years and I urge her to do the same..

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  • Patrick

    Apparently she can’t handle her booze and needs to smoke too.. She should quit both or she’ll end up looking like this


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  • tammy

    heck you only live once you might as well enjoy yourself and as for the pic lol my mom dont drink nor smoke and she is starting to look like that lol and i know a lot of others who do both and they look a lot better than that

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