Letter to The Post: Tea Party Gone Wild

Submitted by Wallace:
OK I’m lost. I always liked the majority of the Tea Party platform, they had a message and stood by it. But what gives in Iowa?
They went GaGa for Bachmann, then jumped ship and went with Perry, that infatuation went south and they warmed up to Herman Cain, that didn’t last long then they sprinted over to Newt, when he was exposed they went to the last man standing Santorum.
Each of these candidates has flaws, and different flaws from the other, ranging from being a progressive, cheating on a spouse, embracing the hoax of global warming, expanding medicare to doubling the dept of education.
Were they willing to over look these non-Conservative glitches in these candidates, if so then just how Conservative of a candidate were they truly looking for?
That’s a lot of non-Conservatism to overlook.

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  • Edgar

    What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?….The letter after their name. They are all out to screw the American people and make themselves rich. Time for term limits for ALL politicians.

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  • Levenworth

    We can’t expect to elect people that are going to change things when the whole country is owned by corporations, lobbyists, shareholders and politicians. We the people have to take the power back somehow. How do Americans even look in the mirror knowing that their country gave up on the education system in order to fund the Military Industrial Complex?

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  • Levenworth

    Why the hell are we in Afghanistan?!!??!!!?

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