(Letters To The Post) SURPRISE! Uh Oh…

Submitted by Aimee

Here’s my deal, two months ago I attended a friend’s wedding out of town, and hooked up with a very good looking, successful man. We had few drinks, and we spent the night in my hotel room. I felt really connected to him as did he to me. We kept calling each other for a couple of weeks after returning back home and even made plans to see each other next weekend! Everything was great, until I found out that he’s married and I am now pregnant with his child.

Since letting him know all this he stopped picking up my calls, blocked my number and never replies to any of my e-mails. What should I do?


  • Emily

    Find him…. Bust him out to his wife. Be the best mom you can be, raise that baby….. collect child support and find someone who will love both you and your child and be together, and happy. If you don’t want to find someone else, you will have a family with your child and that’s all you need…..

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    • tammy


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  • Joe Nasty

    What fun are you?

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  • Amber

    I agree with Emily, he should have to take responiblity for his actions, it takes two to make a baby, married or not. But with him being married just means that there is somone better out there for you, you dont want the guy that cheated on his wife. If he is as successful as he told you the night of your friends wedding make him pay child support.

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  • Garrison

    This is why it’s always kind of a good idea to date.

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  • Happy14U

    didn’t anyone teach you not to *************** on your first date! DUH! as for the rest you are all responsible.

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  • Carla

    How old are you???? Why would you “spend the night in your motel room” with someone you DIDNT KNOW!!!! And “successful” again… how would you know. GEZZZZZ GROW UP…..

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  • wtf

    ……. you can’t turn a h;) into a house wife!

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    • http://northplattepost.com Cooper

      EXACTLY!!! Hahahahahaha!!

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