Elm Creek teen wounded while trying to shoot raccoon

ELM CREEK, Neb. (AP) – A Nebraska teenager is recovering after he shot his own foot while trying to shoot a raccoon that was attacking his dog.
18-year-old Devin Stall, of Elm Creek, was wounded Monday night. The Buffalo County sheriff’s office says he heard a raccoon attacking his dog and shot the animal with .22 rifle.
The sheriff’s office says the raccoon was wounded with the first shot and Stall put his foot on the animal to hold it down. When he fired again, he accidentally shot himself in the right foot.
Stall was treated at a Kearney hospital and released.



  • shady

    this is why we should have an iq test for owning firearms YOU DONT FIRE A WEAPON THAT CLOSE TO YOUR FOOT DUMBASS

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  • Me

    Forget about the racoon! What I want to know is what happened to the dog.

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