Nebraska teen: I’m not dead

HARVARD, Neb. (AP) – A Nebraska high school senior is set to graduate and go to college, although he’s been listed as dead.
Corbin Russell’s education plans are on hold because credit agencies and other records show that he’s deceased.
Russell’s Social Security number was used in a death benefit claim for a man in South Carolina who died in January 2010.
Russell and his mom, Monica, say scholarship applications have been rejected because of flagged credit reports. A valid and unchallenged Social Security number is necessary to seek student loans.
Social Security administration officials say Russell is alive in their records. The three major credit reporting companies say they need documentation to clear up the problem, which has vexed the Russells for nearly two years.


  • terry scoville

    I think he should sue the three credit agencies. They have the power to mess up lives of thousands, but do not have to be held accountable otherwise. SUE SUE SUE!!!

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