Prosecutors: Don’t steal drugs…now go about your day

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Prosecutors have dismissed a drug charge against a Lincoln woman arrested after she kept a prescription for painkillers mistakenly given to her by a pharmacy.
Diane Louise Meyer was arrested in February and charged with possession of a controlled substance.
Prosecutors dismissed the charge Friday after Meyer agreed to participate in a drug diversion program.
Police say when Meyer went to pick up a legitimate prescription, she was accidentally given more than 200 oxycodone pills meant for a woman with a similar name.
When the pharmacy called about the mix-up, Meyer said she had flushed the pills. But police searched her home and found them concealed in a wall.


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    Are you serious?? All that time and money to find find some damn pills? Wow! It’s no WONDER we are losing the “war on drugs” Pathetic!

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