Despite ACLU protests, high school keeps prayer in graduation

COLUMBUS, Neb. (AP) — A small Nebraska school district will continue its tradition of a student-led prayer during graduation despite pressure from ACLU Nebraska to end the practice. The parent committee organizing next Sunday’s ceremony said that Lakeview High School’s graduating seniors have requested the prayer be included in the program. The ACLU sent a letter to the 685-student school district in November complaining the prayers at graduation ceremonies violated students’ First Amendment right to religious freedom. The Columbus-based district’s graduation ceremonies have been officially parent-run and voluntary since a 2001 ACLU complaint about the prayers. The district has tried to remedy the latest complaint by further separating the graduation ceremony from the school. ACLU Nebraska legal director Amy Miller said the changes aren’t enough.


  • Garrison

    So if Columbus goes ahead with their plans to have prayer at graduation, what’s ACLU’s recourse at that point?
    P.S. Columbus – glad you’re standing your ground.

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  • Donna

    All Communists Liberty Union is at it again. Only Muslims and Athiests can have freedom in America anymore.

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  • Tim

    Why people give money to that evil empire called the ACLU I’ll never know. So many more worth while charitable organizations to lend a helping hand to. Unbelievable really.

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  • Beth Thompson

    thank God

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  • Ýṹṕ

    aclu… what a waste of time that whole mess is. Is it within my civil liberties to smack the sh*t outta these idiots?? Columbus people good job!! Don’t fold to these worthless whiney a$$holes! They only have power because we GIVE them power.

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