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1. If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em

2. The construction workers on North Jeffers need to be more cautious. I almost nailed a bobcat with a saw blade on it today and the barriers need to be set correctly so that people know which lane they are supposed to be in. In three trips through that intersection today I saw three near accidents.

3. How does someone on public assistance afford nearly $300 in fireworks? I guess I should also ask the question “How do they afford to drive that 2 year old Lincoln Navigator?”

4. Is the city oblivious to the drug problem in this town? I see drug deals happen in broad daylight every day and they do nothing about it. Maybe we should start posting pictures and video of the local dealers online?

5. Why is Buffalo Bill in jail in Cody Park? I always wondered that.

6. The Fort Cody Music Series on Thursday Nights are really cool.




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  • http://northplattepost teamroper

    To what that person said about drug deals happening in broad day light i cant count the times that l seen someone driving down the street sucking on a pipe or smoking a joint. And the other day at caseys seen some drinking a beer while they were filling up a raft whats this town coming to.

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  • Hank

    What better place for a drunken con man than jail, that’s what buffalo bill was.

    Current score: 3
  • @ #5

    So true! When my family and friends come to visit we always take them to see Buffalo Bill in jail because it’s completely ridiculous. It’s such an eye sore to a beautiful park entrance. Ya cant even see the statue very good either. What’s the point?

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  • @ #2

    Totally agreed. This morning if I hadn’t put two of my tires in the driveway to the gas station I would have taken out a guy sweeping. Ive never seen workers as careless with thier lives as that particular crew.

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  • @ #6

    Yes, they are cool, but they’d be cooler if there weren’t so many ants.

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  • Stacy

    5 people were vandalising it?

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  • Stacy

    4. I’m sure if you called the cops on said “drug” dealers something would get done. But alas you just comment on a online newspaper about it. Seems legit.

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  • @@

    #3- The same way that people get into government housing, receive foodstamps, have their kids on medicaid, and get help with their utilities….and STILL can “afford” to blow $ on a swimming pool, have smart phones for not only the adults, but for their KIDS, own laptops, own PLASMA SCREEN big screen tv’s, get mani’s and pedi’s as well as hair professionally done once a month, and smoke cartons of cigarettes a week. It is called LYING AND CHEATING!!! They also borrow money from friends, NEVER PAY IT BACK, and then when called out on it, claim that those helping are the one’s with BAD KARMA!!! What a JOKE!!

    Current score: 9
    • @@

      I appreciate the 5 thumbs up! I would just like to add that the same persons that I previously posted about also had GOLDEN CIRCLE TICKETS to see Daughtry, and were totally LIQUORED UP for that concert!!! (and followed it all up with pics on facebook) They also have several gaming systems in their house, and take great pride in illegally downloading movies and pay-per-views from the internet…and BRAG ABOUT IT on FACEBOOK!!!! When does this CRAP STOP???? Seriously???

      Current score: 5
  • @@@919

    Then you get people that borrow money don’t pay it back just because they are mad at you and your drug deals all take place in the Mcdonalds parking lot here in town. Including the employees smoking it in the parking lot.

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  • Hi, my name is #4

    @ Stacy>

    Got a friend. He’s a member of a law enforcement agency here in North Platte. Sent him a social cam video of a drug deal. Same guy is still selling drugs, out in the great wide open and nobody is doing anything about it. Maybe they have a bigger agenda, I dunno. My suggestion is as a community if we fight this by posting pictures and video of these scumbags on Facebook maybe we can get them to stop selling drugs to our kids!

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  • @@@919

    Hi my name is #4

    Drive through McDonald’s parking lot pay attention and get your cameras ready because management and employs smoke their pot and drink booze right by their big dumpster

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