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1. The man at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds who was on fire duty was very rude to my husband in front of our four year old daughter. He came by to say that we weren’t supposed to be lighting off personal fireworks because te ground was too dry. They should have posted signs for this instead of sending Yogi around to rip some a**. We were lighting them on gravel ad being cautious. There were others lighting works in the grass, I hope this note gets passed along and this dude gets a lecture on social skills.

2. How about a big HELL YEAH to getting welfare cheats OFF of the Government payroll and make every last on of them pay for every red cent that they have stolen from the hard working taxpayers of this country?

3. Obama is a Hologram

4. How does the Denny’s in North Platte stay open? It’s terrible. with an hour wait for a meal, I’ll never go back.

5. You used to make fun of me in High School, but seeing a mug shot of you crying for drunk driving on the NP Post .. Priceless

6. When are they going to raise the speed limit in town?




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  • Susan

    #4 have had the same experience more than once

    Current score: 3
  • Kramer

    @#4: I’ll never go back there. I can find better food at several LOCAL places and not have to deal with being around the truckers and the idiots that work at the Flying J.

    Current score: 2
  • sumting wong here

    foods awful,service stinks i will go to mericks where the foods always good the service is nice and fast and prices arent too high,,,

    Current score: 0
    • @swh

      Merricks? Man, ya’ll must have really loved cafeteria food back in your school days. I’m sure the people who work there are nice and the prices aren’t bad, true… but ya’ll are eating school food over there. Only thing missing at Merricks are the cups of Jello and little milk pouches.

      Current score: 5
  • brenda coon

    if anybody wants great food, great service, and new place to eat try Jims bar in Arnold it is wonderful

    Current score: 1
  • F.N.P.

    At post # 4 :Thats Ok…what can you expect when the place probobly only pays their help $6.00/hr? Just wait until the new Tajma (sp) Hall (NLNB)opens up on the ones…they are supposed to have a new dining establishment. I am sure it be much better! Oh, and yes, you can go there and hang out with all the wealthy banker like type folks and have a good conversation about how the taxpayers bailed out big business, banks and why the common person no longer trusts anyone that has anythign to do with Wall Street!

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  • Johnny Wad

    Why would you go out for home cooked meal ? Makes no sense to me !

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  • @@@919

    Not all people that don’t pay their bills are welfare recipients. Some of them are just irresponsible and need to grow up. Instead of blaming everybody else for your landlords being mad at you for having cats pick up your house it stinks of cat crap galore and weed.

    Current score: 1
  • Goodgrief

    #1-Maybe you shouldn’t have brought fireworks to a fireworks display

    Current score: 2
  • @ #4

    My thoughts exactly! Some of my family members went to Denny’s on Tuesday about 10:30am and it took 45 minutes to get their food. Then, they couldnt get a waitstaff person to fill their drinks. When they paid out, the man in front of them was complaining about the wait time and the lack of service. We decided to give them another chance and went to Denny’s Saturday morning for breakfast and wound up leaving because they told us the kitchen was backed up 45 minutes. Im convinced they wouldnt stay open if it weren’t for people passing through who aren’t experiencing this as an ongoing trend.

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