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1. People that let their daughters starting at the age of 13 run around with shorts that come up to their crotch and dresses that don’t cover their butt and let them run around town dressed like this. Is it because they are advertising that they want grandchildren that also live off welfare?

2. Some of the worst service I’ve had was at Sonic in North Platte. I’ll never go back.

3. It’d really be nice to not be constantly blown off. I just wish I was someone’s top priority.

4. Anyone wanna stay over tonight? We can make s’mores and stay up late, talk about the weather?

5. Just because you put a sticker on your car that shows you belong to a church does not give you the right to drive like an idiot!




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  • Stacy

    I never go to the sonic here. They suck! If you hate the job so much give other people the chance to work there! If you arent related to the dowhowers you probably arent getting a job there.

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    • Melinda

      Well Stacy, Remember you use to work there LOL….. And your a lier about coming to sonic.. You were coming there almost everyday with coupons from the Sonic in Kearney.. So keep complain to them and maybe they will give you some more coupons to use.. BUT not going to happen in NORTH PLATTE…. And Sorry you dont have to be a Dowhower… So get your facts straight…. That is all your good for Stacy Shannon is running your mouth…

      Current score: 2
  • Kramer

    I like s’mores. Find me on Facebook.

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  • miss mel

    the people who are constantly complaining about the “welfare theives” in this town are overlooking the people who dont abuse the system and are working to be off of state assistance. i know everyone is struggling these days but lets commend those that do parent thier kids and arent on drugs or dealing them from their low income homes. bravo for setting an example for your kids that you can do things and be some one through hard work and dedication. (climbs down off soapbox) have a great day all

    Current score: 4
  • jan

    if you think about it not completely the parenst fault yeah you can choose what your child wears but look at what the stores have rmember we do havea limited number of clothing retailers here in north plattte but this has also been a complaint of mine if you notice most of girls clothing is made this way its th trend …. idk why but obviously girls should look sexy in retailers eyes

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  • Wally Wuzhisname

    What more do you need? Ya got The Wal Mart!

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  • @@@919

    This girls mom lets her dress with her crotch hanging out and really tight tank tops that are too small for her and lets her run around at all times of the night. So everybody was wandering if her mother was advertising for a grandbaby because her mother is usually at the touch down club getting wasted.

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  • Krysanthium

    Here is an interesting fact, you are more likely to get road rage easier if you have bumper stickers on your car… might want to leave the church-goer alone!

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