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1. DemocRATS p*** me off

2. What could we do as a community to attract businesses like Olive Garden or Target?

3. I’m really glad people found that poor little dog Sophie that had been lost over a week.

4. Watching HLN. The LAPD calls THAT. A pit maneuver? LOL

5. I love this song.

6. Does anyone know what Banana Sauce is?

7. God bless the Kansas City Royals!




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  • Mbcgirl

    We will most likely never get an olive garden in north platte. Most of these restaurants have population restrictions on where they’ll open. If Kearney is not big enough for one neither are we. Now the Target thing is a whole different story. I think the town would benefit from target and hobby lobby.

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    • #2

      The population requirement for Olive Garden is 100,000 people within a 15 minute drive. North Platte’s population is approx 25,000. But, the interstate brings in so much business. You’d think that would be taken into consideration.

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  • GoodGrief

    #3-Agreed!! What a challenging time for the family! So happy she is home safe and sound.

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  • #6

    Maybe banana sauce is actually banana foster sauce:,2255,159177-234201,00.html

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  • Edgar

    #2…Get this town off their @$$ and build some houses that people can afford! $200,000 + is not affordable. Businesses will not come to NP because there is no housing and the taxes are too high. Just plan on Kearney and GI getting everything, they like to grow!

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  • Kramer

    @ Edgar. You can’t afford a $200,000 house? Slacker!

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    • not a effin railroader

      not all of us are railroaders mind you. the rest of us are the hardworking people who keep everything else in this town open by working there and working our butts off for next to nothing. the house payment alone on that would be more than i make a month. take into consideration the economy and not all of us can have your precious yearly salary.

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  • @Kramer

    What do you do for a living?!? C’mon $200,000 for a home; poor Edgar will be paying that off the rest of his life, and his kids lives

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  • Kramer

    Not a railroader.

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  • One of a few

    Just for the sake of conversation, why are democrats so terrible in most of Nebraskans eyes? It fills like such a generality to me when they just pick up the mantra without really any substance to back it up. There really are decent ideas from both parties if you just open your mind and listen.

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