(Letters to the Post) Are the kids at NE Youth Center safe?

My son called himself in as unconrtolable because he didn’t want to go to school. Now he’s placed at NEBRASKA YOUTH CENTER for boys here in North Platte,NE.

He was recieving terrostic threats of bodily harm from a few of the boys that my son lives with at NYC. All of these threats were documented by NYC staff,my sons caseworker,& his atty. I spoke to staff on June 22,2012 and they reassured me they were NOT gonna let anything happen to my son.

On June 27(my sons 16th b-day) these 3 boys assulted my son..The staff had left ALL the boys unsupervised for like 5 min.  One staff member went inside to answer the phone then the other staff went in to use the restroom so NO supervision or protection for my son.

2 boys knocked my son to the ground kicking him in the head and ribs. I had a mothers intuition to call & check on my son…. Staff said there had been an incident with my son but he wasnt injured I demanded to speak with my son and when I did he was crying hysterically & told me what happened I asked if I could come check on my son staff told me NO I’d be arrested for trespassing so about 2hrs later I was able to go see my son at ER he was realesed 2hrs later with “HEAD & NECK” injuries.

The boys that assaulted my son only recieved 3rd degree assult charges. I called everyone my sons caseworker,his Atty.,county Atty.,even tried calling Judge!!! I DEMANDED MY SONS RELEASE TO ME BECAUSE STATE DIDN’T PROTECT MY SON!!! Nope he’s still at NYC with his assulters and my sons safety plan is “bubble wrap” meaning my son who is the victim has to stay connected to the hip of the staff!!!! I called NE ABUSE & NEGLECT HOTLINE right before new release date and NYC is under investigation for my sons abuse there. If I had the money I’d sue the state for neglect!!!!!!

– Anonymous


  • http://Letterstothepost Rebecca Minary

    This is totally absurd, the state has way too much power over your rights, your rights as a parent, and the police have the power to do what they want and sad thing is they do just that. Our judicial system lacks common sense, and heart. Its all about Greed, Money and Power. Not whats best for our children.

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  • Krysanthium

    I agree. the staff should not have left the children unsupervised at any time. I used to work for the state at Boys and Girls Home. You did right by calling the NE Abuse and Neglect Hotline. Anything that you have problems with, call them.

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  • NYC “worker”

    This is a really bad case I understand. BUT I used to work at the youth center. It’s really not that bad. Just a little advie….nothing agianst your son but if there is another resident there that is out to get him…there is nothing that staff can do. The residents will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get at each other. For example….we had two residents get into a punching fight that needed both staff members to break it up. While that was going on, there were other residents getting at each other. I do agree with you about the state pulling kids away from the home wayyy to fast and in the dumbest situations. Your story still sucks because there are so many other boys that NEED the help of the group home structure and the family part of it. Good luck and tell him that if he does what he is supposed to (coming from a staff member) that he will graduate the program and be done with everything. Good luck agian.

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  • dmblnd

    As a parent of teenagers I am sickened at how many parents there are that want the responsibility of raising their children to go to anyone but themselves and then be the first to complain when things go awry. Why was this child in this facility in the first place? It’s so hard for parents to look at themselves and not recognize any fault in their own childrearing skills. Also, instead of complaining about their rights and how the government is in control when we are just asking for less and less control. For example schools are now in charge of feeding our children breakfast, lunch and even send home backpacks with food for the weekends, also not to mention the summer lunch programs. I’ve worked in the school system and seen so many irresponsible parents that not only take advantage of these programs, but act entitled to any type of handouts to free up their lives. There are so many parents that take 45 minutes to an hour to pick up their child from school and then get upset with the school when the child finds mischievous things to do with the time they are waiting for their parent to come. My children are far from perfect and have made mistakes, but my job is not to look elsewhere to place blame. I am the adult, the parent, the one that chose to bring these children into this world, I will also be the one to stand by them, discipline them and try to guide them down the right path and pray they make good choice from the example I have given them. Sadly in our society we now have the need for facilities like this for the youth, I don’t pretend to know the situation for any of these boys or the life they will have if the accusations of one parent cause them to return to society before their time in the program is up…It’s all just very unfortunate and might be avoided if we actually take time to be better parents.

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