Really? 120-112=8 … Letters To the Post..

Dear North Platte Post,

ARE YOU FOR REAL? If you cannot figure out the difference between 20 and 12 then you should NOT be handling money at the register. Epic Fail JCP.

So I was paying at JCPenney, the bill was $112 even. She asked if I would be paying with cash, check or credit card. I said cash, she hit the total button or whatever ends the transaction and the drawer popped open. She said “that’ll be $112 even”. I handed the clerk $120. She took the money, counted it, put it in the drawer and walked away without closing the drawer. She walked to another register to get a CALCULATOR. Seeing what she was doing I told her, “it’s 8″. Apparently me talking messed her up because she had to hit the clear key several times and start over. I told her again “it’s 8″ and she ignored me a second time. Set the calculator down which was showing a big fat 8 and handed me back $8.


  • Terry

    Welcome to the generation that can’t add or subtract with out a pda, computer or calculator. Come on parents teach your kids don’t just leave it to the schools.

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  • Lewis

    I know the feeling, and I try not to be rude to them, but, Really? My people either know how to count change back, or I teach them shortly after they are hired. Want to have some fun? Go to McDonalds and give them an odd amount, and watch the look on their face!

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  • Terry

    I went through Arbys sometime back and my total was $3.21. I gave him $5.21. He gave me back the 21 cents and said “I don’t know why you are giving me this.” I told to just punch it into his machine and he would find out. His response: “amazing.”

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