Two charged and in custody for robbery of Farmers State Bank


Drew Steier

(Update: 8/14) On Monday at 12:45 Lincoln county sheriff office deputies were alerted of a masked man demanding money at the Wallace Farmers State Bank. Authorities were tipped on the vehicle the suspect was driving, and broadcasted the message to surrounding law enforcement.

The suspect was seen near imperial around 2:05, the officer stropped the vehicle, and they were brought the Lincoln County Detention Center.
The suspect’s names and charges are as follows;
1) Drew Alexander Steier, 20 year old resident of Evanston, WY.     Charged with Robbery and Use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony, Bond is $500,000.00

2)    Tracy Neal Black 52 year old resident of Evanston, WY.   Charged with Robbery, Bond is $500,000.00

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is working closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the case remains under investigation.




(Update) 4:23:   There’s two males confirmed  in custody

Tracy Black

Vice President of Farmers State Bank Bob Mayber said in a statement to the North Platte Post

“At approximately 12:47 today a single individual wearing a ski mask and carrying a back pack and hand-gun entered our bank, demanded money from our personnel, our personnel informed the individual that the money is locked up, he turned around and left.”

says Mayber and continues

 “The only thing we care about was that no one was hurt. We feel very fortunate with how it ended up”

Mayber also mentioned there was one customer in the bank at the time. The customer recognized the situation and exited the building and alerted the authorities. The Lincoln County Sheriff responded as well as the Nebraska State Patrol.

Mayber stressed his highest concern was of the safety of his staff and how grateful he was that there were no casualties.

At this point North Platte Post is waiting to hear back from Deputy Kramer for additional information.



Wallace, Neb. – The Farmers State Bank in Wallace  has been robbed at gun point. This is a developing story.

The North Platte Post is talking with Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer and more information will be released as it is given.

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    I hope no one was hurt

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    No on was hurt, no money taken & 2 suspect in custody, last I heard

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    At the current economic level, there probably wasn’t any money in there, but the teller was not going to let that cat out of the bag. Glad no one was hurt, all joking set aside.

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