NP Fire units respond to fire at 7th and Poplar

NORTH PLATTE, Neb- The North Platte Fire Department responded to a fire twenty three minutes after midnight on August 24th at 7th street and poplar across the street from Huebner’s Lawn & Garden.

A warehouse type building was fully involved in the fire. The building used to hold chemicals and pesticides.

Fire Marshal George Lewis said the building was vacant and the building was in the process of being demolished but that process has stopped for unknown reasons.

As of 8:00 Fire Crews are still on the scene assessing the situation.
There were no doors on the building so it was easily accessible.

Lewis said in an interview with North Platte Post “We’re taking our time to make sure we cover all the bases and see if we can determine what caused the fire”.

More details to come as they are released from the authorities.

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    i saw a guy walk from behind there thur about 5:30, carrying gloves, just thought he worked at cement products

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