A Few Things To Remember Regarding Campaign Signs..

The North Platte Police Department would like to remind everyone as we wrap up this year’s political campaign contest there are a few North Platte City Ordinances that must be followed when distributing campaign signs.  Beginning September 23rd signs were allowed to be erected and can be until Friday, November 16, 2012.  Those wanting to post signs must first provide the city with Sign Deposit Fee of $100.00, which in the event the depositor does not collect their signs, the deposit will be used for the purpose of the building inspector to collect all such signs and destroy them.  Deposits are refunded as long as all signs are collected prior to but not after November 16th this year.  Political campaign signs must not be placed on any city, county or state right-of-way.  There is currently no size limitation but they can not violate Clear Vision set backs on corner lots.

Citizens are also advised that it is a criminal violation to damage or steal campaign signs.  You may be cited and/or arrested for vandalism or theft if either of these occurs.  Please contact City Hall at 535-6724 and ask for Code Enforcement if you have questions or suspect a posting violation.  You may also call the police non-emergency number 535-6789 if you suspect a crime has been committed.

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    what happened to the right to exercise the first amendment and also the right of private property? Not thrilled that I need to get permission to express myself own my own peice of ground.

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  • Cop Watcher

    The Police Department is more concerned about yard signs than actually doing their jobs policeing NP dirtbags and law breakers ?

    Why dont copers focus on people who break the law ? Start with the lousy drivers we have in this town ? And all the city ordinances people break and they refuse to inforce?

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