NP Man Arrested For Assault, $5,000 Bond.. That’s Got’a Hurt

Posted 3 years ago

By North Platte Police Department


At around 4 PM on September 26th Officers from the NPPD responded to the 700 block of East Philip on the report of a prior assault.

The female victim alleged that her domestic partner and suspect, Austin M. Welch, 19, had struck her multiple times, which caused her pain and injury.  Welch had left the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

Following the investigation Officers determined there was probable cause to arrest Welch for Assault 3rd Degree – Domestic, 28-323 (I Mis).  Welch was then located, arrested and transported to the Lincoln County Detention Center, where he was jailed

  • Cam ultoe

    Women beater.

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    Its so nice to know that the Walmart store Managers son is a woman beater!

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        What does his parents have to do with this? He is an adult and made his own choice. I doubt that they told him to do it.. Grow up!!!!!

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          Well they must not have taught him respect for a women…

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    Somebody oughta jerk a knot in that boys tail..

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    I dated him off and on for 3 years! He never once layed a hand on me. If he would actually take his medication that hes suppose to then he wouldn’t have got so angry. I know Austin Welch pretty well

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