North-Central Kansas Man Arrested After Receiving 13 lbs of Marijuana By Mail

by Randy Picking ~ Salina Post

A 13-pound package of marijuana delivered by the Post Office to a Salina home Friday, has landed 20-year-old Evan Stirn in jail on drug charges that include possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Lt. Sean Morton says the I-135/I-70 Drug Task Force was contacted by the Postal Service about a suspicious package. After obtaining the search warrant, they opened the package, and discovered the marijuana.

After arranging a controlled delivery, the package was delivered and the Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant for 1005 Burr Oak Lane, the home of Stirn.

Along with the box of pot, they found another small amount of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Street value of the delivered marijuana is placed at $20,800.

  • Ethanol man

    This guy probably smokes 13 lbs a week himself…..

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  • Ellis

    That’s messed up.. Bust some kid for his personal stash. Just wrong.

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  • :-)

    Just let him be, its better than drunks out driving!! Legalize it already so we can stop wasting our tax money on pot and use it towards more serious stuff like cocaine and meth, i heard that was a huge problem in nebraska. No one knows tho because its easier to just bust the “pot heads” to pay their salaries.

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