NP Town Hall Lectures Features Guest Author On Wilderness Survival

Author and lecturer, Michael Tougias, was the featured speaker today at the North Platte Town Hall Lectures program held at The Neville Center.  Tougias has authored several books on the theme of survival stories, and what can be learned from those incidents.

Tougias joined the lecture circuit so that he could share his writing experience of developing an understanding of how people can actually develop survival skills or techniques that may be able to help them out of a tight situation, should one develop unexpectedly.

Many of the books written by Tougias are real life stories that have an urgent quality about them, as he relates the details of a tragic accident, and then how those involved were able to survive.  He does this through extensive interviews with the survivors.

Tougias said Disney Company has expressed interest in making one of his books into a full length motion picture.  Tougias is published by Simon and Schuester Books.