Authorities Suspect A Leopard Is Eating People In Nepal

Meanwhile in Nepal, a reward of 25,000 rupees will be awarded to anyone who captures or kills a leopard that authorities believe is responsible for killing and eating  people over a 15-month span. So far 15 people are dead, 10 being small children.

This man-eating leopard is showing similarities to everyone’s favorite vampire, Edward Cullen, because when a wild animal tastes human blood they pretty much settle for nothing less.

If a wild animal truly is feasting on humans, with a defined taste for children, the situation could escalate if the culprit shares the meal. An ecologist told CNN that once a wild animal gets the taste of human blood, deer and other animals don’t appeal to them because human blood is more salty which is apparently more tasty than less salty blood.


Authorities suspect there to be only one human-hungry animal in the reported areas but if another wild predator tastes human blood, more meals may occur.

A search team, looking for a child that went missing, discovered the missing four-year-old child’s head in a forest. Once the leopard kills its prey, the body is dragged into the forest where it feeds.

Villagers fear going into the forest during nightfall, the alleged blood-thirsty leopard tried human and won’t go back.

Next time you see a huge spider in your house just be happy it’s not a human eating leopard.


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