Florida Man Kills Himself Possibly Because Obama Won The Election

A Florida man from the Key West area was very unhappy with that results of the most recent general election.

Henry Hamilton owned a tanning salon named ‘Tropical Tan’ and had a partner named Michael Cossey, who claims that Hamilton said that he’s not going to be around much longer if Obama enters second term.

Hamilton was found dead on November 8th, a will featured a message which explained a highly possible reason for his death. The will said “F*** Obama!” and two empty bottle of prescription drugs were found nearby, one for Xanax and another for Seroquel.

According to the Miami Herald, the drugs were used to treat Hamilton for his anxiety and schizophrenia.

Hamilton mentioned at one point before his death that he was very worried about his business.

  • Smokey

    So sad. I think we all thought about it. Obozo will be the death of us all. RIP, America :(

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  • wtf

    What a moron! What i think is soooooo funny is that in North Platte the percentage of people who get aid of one kind of another is remarkably high that being said… you ask for hand outs then when we have a national debt problem you blame the guy cutting the checks not the people that wont work. Grow up!!!!!!

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  • ???

    Just because you get state assistance doesn’t mean you wanted a hand out believe it or not some people bust their asses and just need a little extra help until they can get back on their feet

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  • Givemeabreak

    MOST of the people on state assistance are just abusing it! Trust me I know first hand as I worked and watched all these LAZY people.

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