Woman Says Hate Crime Was Real

A former University of Nebraska women’s basketball star accused of faking a hate-crime attack against her is standing by her story in letters to news organizations and in a new online video.

In the video and letters — including one to the Lincoln Journal Star 34-year-old Charlie Rogers says she did not make up the attack. Rogers says that in July, three masked men broke into her home and carved anti-gay words on her arms and abdomen, as well as making other cuts on her body.

Police arrested her Aug. 21 for allegedly staging the attack. Prosecutors charged her with making a false report to police, a misdemeanor. She pleaded not guilty Sept. 27.

Both prosecutors and Rogers’ attorney say they expect the case to go to trial.

  • Kyle

    While I don’t agree with hate crime laws – (I mean, really, what is crime other than harbored from hate? I don’t go over to my neighbor’s house and say I think I’ll spray cuss words all over their garage because I love them so much) – this woman and others like her detract and take away from the seriousness of real, honest to goodness hate crimes. From other accounts that I have read about this woman, needless to say, I don’t believe a word she’s saying.

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