Hot Sheets (11/15) : Money Money Money

Pamela Jo Baker: Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Possession Of Drug Para (AFIS/ Narc Equip)

Kelly Ann Bury: SafeKeeper

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  • ralph mouth

    what does safekeeper mean?

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  • alto

    Think it means holding for another law enforcement agency

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  • ranger rick

    Correct– safekeeps are people being held for another agency either for costs (the agency that arrested the person does not have their own jail), or for safety (the inmate is being naughty, and they need to be kept in a facility able to cope with them).

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  • Ethanol man

    Safekeeper….the public

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  • hopeupay

    pamela guess he did have one more to roll on.looks like you choose drugs 2 over gettin back the grandkids SAD.

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