Police Respond To The Touch Down Club Early Saturday Morning

Early Saturday morning, November 17th, officers from the North Platte P.D. responded to the Touch Down Club after things became physical.

When officers arrived on location they could see a large group of people around the south door where the suspect, Marlan Fox, 27, allegedly swung his fists at individuals including TDC staff.

According to the N.P.P.D.’s Public Information Officer, Rodney Brown, officers had to use physical force to restrain Fox as he apparently continued to be combative during arrest.

Fox was arrested for 3rd degree assault and resisting arrest before he was taken to the Lincoln County Detention Center where the suspect allegedly continued to be aggressive with jail staff, reportedly spitting on an officer on Monday, November 19th.

Fox is on bail for $50,000.

  • raven

    Things i miss when i dont end up at td

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  • http://com country boy

    Trashy bar any way!

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  • News

    How is this news, this happens every weekend?

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  • citizen kane

    used to be a good bar in the old days.

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  • big bad

    this was a good bar years ago .. now the service in there is the worst I have ever seen .. and fights are about a every day thing.. scoot would worry about the bar instead of having high stakes poker game in there and having a manager thats noty an idiot this plce might turn around.

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  • big bad


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  • Duh

    The last time that was a good bar is was still called the 300 Club.

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  • hopeupay

    marlin needs to go back to prison he still has anger issues and is a danger to everyone friend or enemy.he just got out a few months ago for kickin in a door and assaulting a man in front of his 2 young kids with another guy and guns.and i agree the TD club has not been the same since Butch left the bizz to scott or the bowling part.need to get someone in the cedar bowl part that knows how to keep the lanes running.whatever happened to that guy Tom that did it all???

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