North Platte Pets “Your Pet Food Headquarters”

All these feeds sold by the pound:

Rabbit —–>.89/lb                      Mouse ——-> .99/lb

Parrot ——>$1.79/lb                  Guinea Pig ——> .99/lb

Cockatiel ——> $1.49/lb              Parakeet/Finch —–>$1.19/lb

Hamster/Gerbil ——->.99/lb

Rat —-> .99/lb

Sportmix Dog biscuits mix or match ——–> $1.69/lb

Tropical fish flakes ——> $1.00/oz



We also carry up to 50 pound bags of these pet foods!

Check out what we have to offer.

Tuffy’s Gold Premium Adult 40 pound bag of dog food only $24.99 each

Tuffy’s Gold Premium Maintenance 40 lb bag of dog food also $24.99 each….Buy 12 get 1 free!

Tuffy,s Gold and Nutri Source dog/cat food samples available!

North Platte Pets

Downtown on the bricks

510 North Dewey.


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 Open Monday – Saturday 9:00 am until 7:00 pm

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    we have a bunch of Christmas stockings for dogs and cats so stop in while the selection is good!

    Great Looking dog beds football,baseball,basketball and soccer ball order one today!

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