Here Are Some Pictures Of The People Involved In The Major Arrest On Nov., 30th

On November 30th, fourteen arrest warrants were executed as part of an investigation which began in September of 2011. Here are twelve of the fourteen arrested. Albert Jaso is in custody of the South Dakota State Penitentiary, the name and photo of the minor involved will not be published.

Courtesy of the Dawson County Jail…


According to the news release, members of the CODE (Cooperative Operation for Drug Enforcement) Task Force, working on a Joint Operation, executed fourteen arrest warrants for individuals accused of distributing controlled substances and/or aiding and abetting distribution of a controlled substance. According to authorities, the substances which were seized during the investigation were marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and pharmaceutical controlled substances.

Agencies involved in the investigation include, Lexington PD, North Platte PD,  Broken Bow PD, Cozad PD, Dawson County Sheriff, Custer County Sheriff, Red Willow County Sheriff, Nebraska State Patrol, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration) and Homeland Security

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