Hot Sheets (12/3): Have A Better Day..


Mark Raymond Glaubitz: DUI 2

Michael James Haworth: SafeKeeper

Joshua K Carroll: Fugitive From Justice

Marty Earl Roberts: 3rd Degree Assault (Domestic)

Billy Aaron Morrison: DUI

Vicky Jean Hansen: DUI

Ryan James Fleischman: SafeKeeper (Logan County), Fugitive From Justice (Scott’s Bluff County) (Cuming County)

Bryan David Ladeaux: SafeKeeper

James Oliver Strawder: SafeKeeper

Lorenzo Alsidez: Safekeeper

Victor Mata: SafeKeeper

Carlos Carlo Poor Bear: SafeKeeper

Jesus Pina Magallanes: SafeKeeper

Phillip Jason Edward Flowers: SafeKeeper

Angela Ione White Crane: SafeKeeper

Joseph Theodore Ron Gonzales: SafeKeeper

Terry Lee Nation: SafeKeeper

Keith Crey Running Enemy: 3rd Degree Assault (Domestic)

Benjamin Thomas Whitted: Marijuana Possession With Intent

Robert Laranc Mcleod: Marijuana Possession With Intent

Dana Colleen Trujillo: SafeKeeper

Stephen Nicholas Miles: DUI

Austin Joel Otte: Amphetamine Possession

Christine Renae Stearns: SafeKeeper




*SafeKeeper= Housing Inmate For Another Agency* 



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This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The North Platte Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to

  • http://ThePost SOMUCHSTUPIDITY

    WOW… Who would guess that Austin was on ANY kinda drugs??

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    • JustSayin

      Yeah, I would guess he wasn’t just POSSESSING those amphetamines.

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  • Concerned

    What is the deal with all if the safekeepers ? I believe they all came from scottsbluff and alliance .. Pretty sure scottsbluff built a new jail for a reason ! Who pays for their transportation back and forth for court ?

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    • Mbcgirl

      I wondered the same thing about the safekeepers. Usually the county that they come from pays the money to keep them here. The jail is raking in the dough keeping these prisoners in our jail. It’s not cheap for a county to house their inmates in a different jail.

      Current score: 2
    • JustSayin

      I would guess WE do

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  • http://com USA

    Tax dollars,got to keep the jail filled I mean after all you paid for that jail now we don’t want it to sit empty do we?

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  • http://nptelegraph omg

    Again…doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these people even look like worthless people…here’s the proof!!

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  • grow up please :)

    I think some of the Safekeepers are from the huge drug bust they just did in Lex and Cozad.

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  • no name

    whats a safekeeper means????

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    • Dave Lee

      I’ve been told that’s when Lincoln County is holing an inmate for another jurisdiction

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    • Susan

      Look at the bottom of the article and you will find the explanation.

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  • wow

    Austin looks high as a kite key words man lay off the dope!

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  • Funny

    Hahaha Carlo was up in job corps and got kicked out for drugs now on jail lol

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  • Trent

    Austin deserves another chance.

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  • Ethanol man

    Bread and water for these jokers…..

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  • desperation


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