Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charge, Dog Found Dead In Dirty Cage

A 34-year-old Omaha woman faces a felony charge of animal cruelty for the death of her dog found lying in a cage, covered in its own filth.

The Nebraska Humane Society says Mashaunda Ball was arrested on Monday.

The society says Ball had called Nov. 26 to report her dog had died. Society workers who responded found the Boston terrier, Bubbles, still alive in his wire cage. He was covered in feces and had urine burns on his paw pads.

The emaciated dog was euthanized after he was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. A necropsy report says Bubbles had five sharp pieces of plastic in his stomach.

A public phone listing for Ball couldn’t be found. Online court records don’t list the name of Ball’s attorney.

  • http://nptelegraph omg

    Wtheck? Why would you call to report your dog dead?? I have never heard of that before. But, she does deserve to get in trouble for treating her dog that way. Poor thing.

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  • Smokey

    Nebraska gives slaps on the wrists to animal cruelty suspects. It’s very disgusting. More people would think twice if they were more strict on these sick animal abusers. They get a couple days probation or a fine. We need to change the laws in Nebraska!!!

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  • c’mon man

    Yes we do Smokey. Nebraska and every other state. Laws should be changed so that people who knowingly harm any animal would pay. Also those who would harm a defenseless animal would hurt a human too. Wake up people!

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    this is person that the movie “SEVEN” was made for and about…..

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  • wow

    i say treat that worthless scum just like she treated the dog. What a waste of life this stupid pos is! Go to hell mashuanda or what the hell ever your name is….

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