Hot Sheets (12/7) Thirteen Days…

It appears everyone was good yesterday. No new jail bookings yet :(

Check back later!

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  • sumting wong here

    Fala la la hunh?

    Current score: 2
  • Susan

    Feast or famine……

    Current score: 1
  • Ethanol Man

    Santa be bringin everyone presents now!!!

    Current score: 0
  • Smokey

    What’s with the countdown on the Hot Sheets everyday? It’s not the days ’til Xmas…what is it?

    Current score: 0
  • I think

    I think it is till Dec 21st.

    Current score: 0
    • Cooper Radio Show

      It’s the days until I go on vacation….

      Current score: 4
  • citizen kane

    oh no the world is ending.

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