Maxwell School To Have A Policy Review, Officials Offered Education

The three Maxwell school faculty who were cited and released after they failed to report student-on-student hazing or abuse, which is said to have taken place in August 2011 and February 2012,  will not be charged but a change in school policy and procedure will take place.

In response to the investigation of three cited faculty, Superintendent Danny Twarling, high school Principal Aubrey Boucher and Wrestling Coach Ryan Jones, the school officials will be offered training by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office and the Maxwell Board of Education as well as the boards attorney.

The schools policies and procedures will go under review, according the news release from the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office, new policies, implemented by the Board of Education, will require counsel from the School Board in some cases. The school is committed to understanding when and where to report information. The news release explains their intent to protect students,


“It is our intent to better protect each and every student, as well as provide guidelines for those who are in charge of their safety.

 In moving forward, the goal is to create a stronger relationship  between the Community and the School and affirm that whenever abuse or neglect has occurred, such incidents will be reported so that they may be investigated  properly.  The safety and well-being of all students at Maxwell Schools are a major priority.”


Everyone is responsible to report child abuse, you can do so by calling local law enforcement or by contacting the DHHS hotline at 1-800-652-1999

  • snapple

    Family needs to sue the school and county, since the county is apparently ok with this action. The county attorney should be fired for this act.

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  • mom

    Yes she should snapple, I dont think people care enough anymore!! That system is there for the times when a parent for whatever reason fails to protect the child,then others should step in!

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  • Val

    Yep, mom – we should never look at this kids first line of defense – his MOTHER. Its just a lot easier to go after our court system who cant do squat without cooperation from victims. So either this didnt happen at all or the victim and his mother don’t want to press it, for whatever reason.

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