President Of Omaha State Bank Brings A 9MM Inside

The president of Omaha State Bank remains on leave after he brought his new gun to work last month to show it to a friend.

The Omaha World-Herald reportsĀ Michael Dahir’s actions violated a bank policy prohibiting employees from bringing guns into the bank.

Bank vice president Karen Cenovic filed a police report later saying she felt threatened. But prosecutors haven’t decided yet whether to file charges.

The incident on Nov. 20 happened after the bank closed. Dahir had just picked up a new 9mm handgun that he’d purchased, and he brought it inside the bank to show it off.

Dahir says he’s sorry about the incident and realizes it was a mistake to take the gun into the bank. Dahir says he never meant to threaten anyone.

  • Just Me

    Sounds to me like someone looking to advance her position in the bank!!

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  • lol

    Sounds to me, that he pissed the VP off and Just Me is correct. Took her long enought to feel “threatened”!!!

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  • meanoldwoman

    As president, I think he is the one to make, break, or make exceptions to the policy, after all that is what he is being paid the big bucks to do.

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  • Val

    We’ve become a nation of really paranoid and easily offended people.

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