Lady Antebellum Cancels NLD Show

NebraskaLand Days announced that Lady Antebellum canceled the June 21st performance because Lady A’s Hillary Scott is having her first baby and cannot travel.

According to NLD’s news release, they will be working to find a replacement as soon as possible and if anyone who purchased tickets to see Lady Antebellum will be refunded if they’re not happy with the replacement,

“NEBRASKAland DAYS remains committed to providing first class entertainment for the
2013 Celebration, and we are working as quickly as possible to replace Lady Antebellum.” 

If you bought tickets don’t worry, you have options,

“NEBRASKAland DAYS will issue refunds to patrons who do not wish to see the show 
once our new lineup is announced.”


Until the replacement is found, ticket sales for 2013 County Concert have been put on a hold.

  • sumting wong here

    More work for David,,

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  • Mbcgirl

    Hope they can get somebody just as good and big right now.

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  • Smokey

    We need a rock act. Not everyone here in drunken hickville listens to that country crap.

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    • Guest

      Bruh. What The Heck Do You Mean By Drunken Hickville? A Lot Of People ADORE LadyA. And Guess What? I Happen To Be One Of Those People. And I’m From HAITI, Not DRUNKEN HICKVILLE.

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