Basketball Blowout: Could/Should A 107-2 Final Score Have Been Avoided?

We’ve all seen one-sided scores in sports at all levels, but this latest incident has folks in the Hoosier State up in arms.

Bloomington South’s girls basketball team defeated Arlington 107-2 last night.

Yep. 107-2. One hundred and seven to two. In a basketball game.

Some background:
-Bloomington South was 7-1 coming into the game. Arlington was winless and on a 23-game losing streak dating back to last season.
-Arlington High School has gone through financial difficulties in recent years, causing many students to leave the school. Their team has almost no basketball experience.
-Bloomington South dressed just nine players for the game – the JV was unavailable so they could not just play a reserve lineup. At least one starter had to play the entire time.
-While some high school athletics associations across the country have a ‘mercy rule’ or a running clock rule in place for basketball, Indiana does not. (Neither does Nebraska, though the NSAA does use a running clock in football.)

Bloomington South coach Larry Winters said he felt it would have been more disrespectful to their opponents had his team stopped trying to score.

Arlington coach Ebony Jackson said the final score was “not OK” but that she wasn’t mad about the incident. She told the Indianapolis Star “We’ll go back to the drawing board and I’ll nurture my players. It’s been a trying season, a tough season (but) we’ll continue to get better and better. We’re about growth and improvement. That’s where the rewards come. You’ve got to start somewhere and I’m blessed.”

What do you think Bloomington South should have done?

  • Smokey

    Going easy on them because they suck is a bad set-up as they go out into the real world. Is the real world gonna go easy on them because they blow? I think not. You gotta work hard for everything you want. The “Participation Trophy Generation” is beyond spoiled. They need a good asskicking.

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    Smokey , couldnt have said it any better…..!!

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