Don’t Meth Around With Meth For Every Reason You See Here

Posted 2 years ago

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The info-graphic you see here was created by to spread the word about how Meth changes a person.The mugshots were taken from many places across the county. if you know someone who is involved with Meth please check out and see how you can stop them from looking like this.

Before and After Drugs (Meth)
Before and After Drugs (Meth) via


    if these pictures dont wake some folks up then nothing will…the changes in such short time are bizzarre to say the least…..the addiction of this drug is incredible…they say one time….your hooked..this one thing scares me on behalf of my children more then anything else in the world…….i have a big sense of humor and even if im in the funniest mood ever…..meth stops it all instantly….what power such a horrible thing has…scary doesnt even give it justice…..numbing……

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  • Val

    Zombie apocalypse is definitely upon us …

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  • TiredOfDrama

    :(( So sad……… God please get them help and save them!!!!

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