Hot Sheets (12/26): One is the Loneliest Number

Charles Leon Eacker: Assault-Strangulation, Simple Assault


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  • Ethanol Man

    Damn…. Strangulation?….Must of got some crappy christmas gifts…

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    • Val

      Yep, EM – now we know what happens to the kid who DARES to give a tie.

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  • http://northplattepost Mr. Bojangles

    Well,, looks like another move up the ladder for me at good ol UPRR

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  • Tee

    Hang in there Charley…. the truth will come out. Anyone who knows you, knows this is NOT something you would do. Ungrateful people should not have cast stones.

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  • Carver

    Heh – He got arrested for “STRANGULATION”…. He chocked someone and there was evidence to prove that or he wouldn’t have been arrested for it. What’s the big deal?

    Current score: 3
  • http://google curious

    I don’t know this person at all so it’s probably just best to wait for all the info.

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