Janssen Auto Group to Offer “Safe Rides Home” New Year’s Eve

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

Janssen Auto Group of McCook, North Platte and Holdrege have announced their plans to offer, again this year, free rides home to anyone needing a safe ride home on New Year’s Eve.  “This is our fourth year of offering this service and we are pleased to be able to offer it again this year,” said Dave Janssen of Janssen Auto Group.  “While we don’t want to encourage people to over indulge on New Year’s Eve, we do want to make sure that everyone makes it home safely.”

Janssen Auto Group will be running their shuttle from 8:00PM to 1:30AM on New Years Eve and is willing to offer rides to anyone residing within a five-mile radius of McCook, North Platte or Holdrege.

Anyone wishing to use this service in McCook may call Joe Slaby at 308-520-1774, Rod Waldrip at 308-991-1685 for rides in Holdrege and Jim Rudolph at 308-530-3293 or Scott Berg at 308-289-4100 for rides in North Platte.

  • sumting wong here

    nice gesture except for the employees who have to shuttle the drubks around possibly clean up messes,,,

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  • sumting wong here

    haha drunks im sober i think..

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  • http://google curious

    It is a nice gesture & a safe one but why not have the buses that run around town from the rec. do it/ city buses? They surely have the correct permit to transfer people( not saying Janssen doesn’t) but I would want to know who’s drving me around or that there driving record is a decent one.

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    • reallly

      Then figure your own ride out. Im greatful there’s an option out there for everyone eles. Sober driver wins out over drunk drivers anyday of the week.

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      • Will

        Yeah thanks!!!

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    • Will

      Yeah I am sure they would put drunks and felons behind the wheel!!

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  • Yeah, ok

    Woodhouse FTW!!

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  • !!

    Anyone who thinks this is a bad idea is a fool. Saving Lives for FREE!! You can’t beat a deal like that. Kudos Janssen Auto Group. There should be more Businesses willing to step up like this.

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