NP to Get Share of Revitalization Funds

The Federal Government is distributing revitalization funds, and North Platte will get a piece of the pie.  State officials say that the funds allotted to Nebraska will be split among several cities.  Other cities receiving funds are Columbus, Fremont, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney and Norfolk.

According to the state Department of Economic Development, roughly $94,000 in funding will be used to evaluate housing and public works activities that are beneficial to low and moderate income families in the communities.  The cities began planning in 2009 during a three-year funding period.  Each city is required to make a matching contribution equal to twenty five percent of the total project.

North Platte city officials were unavailable for comment.

  • Edgar

    Dust off the old plan, change the date, pay someone $180,000 to re-write it, and do nothing! Welcome to North Platte economic development. There hasn’t been enough housing since the ’80’s and there is still no new housing developments going on. Sorry, housing that people can afford. No housing, high taxes, no potential investors. All of this equals new business opportunities going down the Interstate. Give me half the price and I will rewrite the development plan and save the tax payers some money. What ever happened to all of the great things that were going to happen after that guy came and presented about how to improve NP? SSDD

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