Possible Legislation Could Make Texting and No Seat Belt a Primary Offense in NE

A Nebraska highway safety official says discussions are afoot for legislation next year that would make it a primary offense to text while driving.

Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator Fred Zwonechek is eyeing at least two proposals designed to improve driver safety.

One proposal would apply to texting while driving. The other would make it a primary offense for drivers and front-seat passengers to not wear seatbelts.

Current Nebraska law considers driving without a seat belt a secondary offense. That means motorists can’t be cited unless they’re already being cited for another violation.

Zwonechek says he’s in favor of introducing the measures just to bring the issue into the spotlight.

  • Jordan


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  • raven

    The officers should have to follow these laws also..ive seen the driving around texting and talking on their phones and half of them dont even wear a sear belts…talk about good role models huh

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  • me

    Not to mention on their laptops while driving

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  • citizen kane

    less government more common sense.

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  • Ty

    How bout our State legislature figure out how they can make our state independent from uncle sugar in 2013. Being those fools in DC can’t even compromise and make lengthy fixes to this fiscal cliff issue. Seriously between that the farm bill and Diane Feinstein trying to reinstate and beef up the assault weapons ban this is the least of Nebraskans worries. South Carolina has put fourth legislation that makes federal gun bans null and void in their state. Nebraska needs to do simmilar.III%

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  • citizen kane

    seriously, they put a ban on guns, how many people are they willing to lock up for having a gun. i’m not giving up any of my guns…

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