Hot Sheets (01/02): Nobody Knows You When You’re Your Down and Out

Shawn Matthew Marquez-Shoplifting

Jay Howard Shrives-Simple Assault

Tristan Corwin Wills-Fugitive from Justice


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  • http://nptelegraph omg

    Bet Tristan’s parents and children are so proud of him…

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  • Mindyourown

    Really “omg”? I dnt think it’s your place to assume whether or not his parents and/or children are proud of him. People make mistakes. People (obviously) are punished and made to pay & learn from those mistakes. No body walks in Tristan’s shoes but Tristan. I know for a fact he’s doing the very best he can do at the moment. He is trying to sort things out to better himself for his children. And if being where is his, for the time being-not forever, is what it take and what he needs so be it. Who are you to judge someone for trying to do better. All anyone can ask of another person is to give it everything they’ve got-and he’s doing that. So maybe until you die on a cross for his, mine, or anyone else’s sins, people should just let the situation be. Let people heal. He does in deed have 3 beautiful precious completely innocent to the situation babies and they dnt need to go to school and e tainted with ignorant words strewn around by others about their father. So like I said….plz let it be-for nothing else, but for the kids.

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