Wake Up At The Wheel, 1 In 24 Adults Doze Off On The Road

This could give you nightmares: 1 in 24 U.S. adults say they recently fell asleep while driving.

And health officials think the number is probably higher. That’s because some people don’t realize it when they nod off for a second or two behind the wheel.

In a government study released Thursday, a little over 4 percent of U.S. adults said they fell asleep while driving at least once in the previous month. Some earlier studies reached a similar conclusion, but the survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was far larger.

The study found drowsy driving was more common in men and in people ages 25 to 34.

The results are from a survey of 147,000 adults in 2009 and 2010.


    thats very scary……and true…..i drive about 1100 miles average a week and get up early…..and wow……i do all can to get sleep , feel good , all that….and no matter what…..honestly i bet i nod off several times a week…..makes me want to think of another job sometimes

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