Elderly Woman Punched In The Face After Answering The Door

A UK woman was attacked at her home on Wednesday, January 2nd by a person described as a young man who fled the scene immediately after the assault, leaving behind a “shaken and upset” elderly woman who probably won’t like to hear any knock-knock jokes for a while.

The BBC reports that the assailant knocked on the victim’s door, punched the woman in the face so hard that she fell to the ground then took-off. The victim didn’t suffer major injury but the assault did result in a black-eye and some cuts.

Nobody is sure why she was attacked but apparently, her neighbors also received a knock at the door, according to police, but no nobody was there.

Source Story Via: BBC

    i see they need to gut some pigs over there as well……………

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    according to police her neighbors also received a knock at their door but no one was there….so how do they know about that knock if no one was there to hear it?

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