Hot Sheets (1/4): Fancy Friday Hot Sheets

Theresa Anne Montang: Failure To Appear (FTA)

Michael Tracy Mcfadden: Fugitive From Justice

Jeremy Ray Tobey: Two Counts Of Simple Assault (Domestic), Assault (Strangulation), Threat (Terroristic State Offenses)

Jaylon Dewayne Robinson: Obstructing Police

Christine Renae Stearns: Safekeeper

Brittany Lynn Morris: Safekeeper

Alexis Sheree Harlow: Trespassing

Aaron Nicholas Hecksel: Shoplifting





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  • really????

    Why do these people look so happy when they are arrested? Are they smiling just for their picture on the Hot Sheets????

    Current score: 5
    • Ethanol Man

      They know they will have a roof over their head and 3 meals a day….probably an improvememt in life for most of them….

      Current score: 3
  • Fake Nancy Grace ©

    Yes, they are usually…

    Current score: 0
  • sobersally

    harlow needs to lay off the drugs. that girls got potential and she is following in her parents foot steps.

    Current score: 2