Hot Sheets (1/6): There Is A Right Way And A Left Way

Robert Isaac Baker: Simple Assault (Domestic), Cruelty Toward Child

Nicholas Randall Bornschein: Obstructing Police Officer

Matthew Joseph Brouillette: DUI- 1st Under .15

Johnna Jane Thayer: DUI-1st Under .15, Possession Of Synthetic Narcotic

Jerrita Lynneya Running-Enemy: Shoplifting

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  • concerned

    What is a synthetic narcotic??

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    • Enlightened

      Synthetics are drugs, not exactly illegal everywhere, just in some states…like weed thats not actually Marijuanna.

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    • NPgrad89

      Some narcotic medications derived from natural narcotics (morphine, for example), and others are produced entirely within the laboratory. The ones produced in a laboratory are “snythetic” and include medications like Methadone and Fentanyl.

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