Police: Father Hit Son, Tied His Arms & Legs Then Locked Him In A Dog Kennel

A Wisconsin father is accused of abusing his son then locking him in a dog kennel until he fell asleep, the father said he lost his temper and just blanked out before the alleged incident on a Sunday night in October.

Last week the father, 34-year-old Michael Kitzman, of Fox Valley, was charged and taken into custody. Police told Fox 11 that the two-year-old son gave the family dog a toy, which belonged to a sibling. Kitzman claims to have lost his temper before he allegedly hit the boy, more than once, then tied his arms and legs together and left him on his stomach for around 45 minutes. Later, Kitzman allegedly untied the boy and moved him from the living room floor to a dog kennel then placed the dog kennel in a dark room, locked in until he fell asleep.

Kitzman reportedly confessed to mostly everything that happened during the incident which took place in October. The accused father is restricted from having any unsupervised contact with a person under the age of 18 and is on a $10,000 bond.


Source: Fox11 Online
  • http://post salisburysteak

    shouldve done that in north platte. they only give you a year of probation for it

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    • um

      His cops probably followed protocol and read them their Miranda rights

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  • A clean Mom

    Did they even get probation? Sheesh. He’s just as much a winner as our dog kennel fab four. At least his kennel/house was probably cleaner then our group of losers.

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  • Shep

    Time for mandatory sterilization for folks convicted of child abuse.

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  • Shep

    Time for mandatory sterilization for child abusers.

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