Authorities Say California School Shooting Suspect Targeted Bullies

Authorities say a boy who fired on classmates and wounded one at a rural California high school had planned the attack and targeted students he felt had bullied him for more than a year.

Kern County sheriff Donny Youngblood said at a news conference Thursday night that the 16-year-old used a shotgun that belonged to his brother and went to bed Wednesday night with a plan to shoot two fellow students.

Youngblood says surveillance video shows the boy trying to conceal the gun as he nervously enters Taft Union High School through a side entrance after school had started Thursday morning.

The boy entered his classroom, shot and critically injured one student, then fired on others before a teacher and another staff member talked him into surrendering.

  • Lee

    You better place that shotgun under arrest!

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  • cb

    Here we go more BS so they pushvgun control.

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    • @cb

      Yes, the real shame in all of this isn’t that a kid went to school and ended up taking a bullet – no, the shame is that the EVUL LIBRULS might try and take your precious precious guns. Which, if you paid attention to anything going on outside the confines of your own rectum, you’d know nobody is actually trying to do.

      Unless you’re a total piece of human excrement, you can probably agree that lots of people getting wounded or killed in a public place is a bad thing. I would think it would be common sense that any steps we can take to keep innocent people from having their lives altered or ended by a madman with a gun would be a good thing.

      But then again, I actually have common sense, and judging by the comments at this website on this story and others like it I’d better hold on to it tightly because it’s in REAL short supply around these parts.

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      • Ty

        Question!!!! Since when do criminals obey the law? The Second Amendment is now being assaulted on a day to day basis by these liberal chickens. They claim guns in schools would be a bad thing and we need to eliminate all semi auto firearms that hold more than 10 rounds. So by that logic than why is it ok for Airports to have such security? Interesting thing is firearms have historically been allowed in schools many years past. I’m sure you old timers reading this remember leaving the deer rifle in the locker so you could get that evening hunt in. Or the shotgun in the pickup to go get some doves after class.Nope we do not have a gun problem… This is a culture and morals problem and throw in some mental health issues and it’s a powderkeg waiting to blow firearms are simply the tool

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        • @ty

          Well, maybe I’m just crazy for thinking we ought to have a right as Americans to go to a school or a mall or a hospital and not have to worry about taking a bullet in the freaking brain.

          Or maybe I’m just not a hillbilly redneck who needs a gun to either compensate for a small package or harvest the varmints my cousin-wife and I then feast upon for dinner.

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          • Just Me

            So…..because you don’t want to own a gun, you don’t think that I, as a law abiding citizen should have the right to own one, or several, as the case may be??
            You don’t want to own a gun, thats great, don’t own a gun, fine by me, I do want to own a gun, & that should be none of your buisness…

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          • Ty

            Need I remind you as much as i enjoy hunting the Second Amendment is not about hunting, here’s a hint… To give American citizens redneck or City Yuppies the means to resist a Tyrannical government. ….( face palm )

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    guns are not the issue , if you take them all away , it wont matter. Someone who wants to act out in anger will grab the next thing in line that will hurt someone. As you can figure out , its the fact they want to hurt someone that is the problem. Take away every item that is a weapon or could be used as one and what your left with is whats the problem in the first place….a person who has issues , of some kind. If this person has no weapon or “tool” then your still sitting there looking at the same troubled person….deal with that , get the situation right , then the problem is gone or at least in a place where it can be controlled.

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  • kelwar23

    Husker Lover, what a philosophical thing to say… I think it’s the first LOGICAL post on this thread in a while. You’re exactly right, you can take away one thing, they will find another. Educating and helping those with instabilities/mental health problems, etc… in my opinion, will be much more beneficial.

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  • Tired of Liberal BS

    Ah the liberal calling names to make a point … that’s not new!! I don’t think anyone is minimizing the fact that people are injured and killed by evil people everyday in this country. The fact here is that demonizing an inanimate object to then strike fear in the hearts of people who look at Piers Morgan for “FACTS” and then to attack all American’s freedoms is absurd, Then in fact you are absurd. Before you really get started with the name calling to hurt my redneck feelers remember that a Republican ended slavery but a Democrat founded the KKK!

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  • CB

    @who ever replied to my first comment since you won’t even put a name to your comments. I believe that these shootings are bad and people shouldn’t have to fear for their lives in public places. I think it is sad that we are blaming objects rather than dealing with the problem behind the gun. Now I cant wait to see what your gonna say about me now but my head is not “in my rectum” as you stated. I just think its sad that we have a “president” and congress that cant deal with a fiscal cliff that they knew about for god knows how long but, can use the deaths of young children to try to push their polices on the people instead of dealing with the real problem of the mental state of these people and the bullies in schools. It is sad to see how divided our country has become. There was no need for you to say I have no common sense. I am simply tired of hearing about every shooting now and how we need to deal with guns instead of the people using them.

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  • Jackie Graybill

    Let’s get this straight, what most of you that have commented got out of this was liberal B.S.? The issue that is being put before us is GUN CONTROL. That means nobody really needs an assault rifle and a background check is required to buy a gun. Not to mention I got from this article that there is a problem with bullies in our schools and children accessing guns. At least now we know which households this focus needs to take place first!!!

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  • theonlyonewhocanjudgeisgod

    Did u all forget what this article was about. Its not about gun control it’s the fact of y the kid did this sacuse he was being bullied. Bullies are everywhere guns r nit going to stop bullies or deaths. Y did this kid not go to someone or feel he could go to them for help. Now cause of a bukkie he will prob do time. He was in the wrongg for taking a gun to school and shooting his classmates

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