Lincoln Co. Deputies Arrest Felon for Possessing Firearms

According to a Media Release from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), on the afternoon of January 11, Deputies from the LCSO, with assistance from the North Platte Police Department, executed a search warrant at 604 E. 2nd Street in Hershey.  The home’s resident was Chad E. Hall.  LCSO Investigators had developed information that Hall, a convicted felon, was in possession of at least one firearm and other stolen items.

Upon executing the warrant, Deputies and Officers located firearms both in the garage  and in the residence.  A large gun safe was found and eventually open with the assistance of a lock smith.  After opening the safe, a large stash of firearms were found, including twenty one long guns (several of which were assault weapons), seven pistols and a large flare gun.  At least one on the assault rifles is believed to be fully automatic.

Hall was located in North Platte and arrested for being a felon in possession of firearms.  The investigation continues, and authorities expect additional charges to be filed.  He was booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center and remains in custody.  Hall is also a suspect in numerous theft cases in North Platte and Lincoln County, according to LCSO officials.

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    I bet someone somehow, will blame the president as to why Chads guns were taking away.

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  • Randy Miles

    You say several of the firearms found were assault weapons. Are you sure? I am tired of people refering to guns such as the AR-15 and such as “assault weapons” when they are by definition not. I do agree that a felon should not be in possesion of a weapon and he should be punished accordingly, but the media is using the “assault weapon” term rather loosely.

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  • Read it

    The police are calling them assault weapons, not the media. That’s why it says “according to a media release from the LCSO”

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  • http://com country boy

    Dam that’s like ten years in the fed joint for this kind of charge

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  • Ty

    Good Job LCSO! You did it right by serving a warrant and getting this perp locked up and off the street. As a law abiding firearm owner .i have a concern however.. If they found only one full auto that means only one “assault rifle” was found the others are semi auto rifles which there is no law against owning if your a law abiding citizen. Do not confuse a select fire ( full auto) m16 with the civilian semi auto AR15 rifle. Thank you

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  • truth hurts!!!!

    I have known Chad almost all my life and he used to be a good person. I don’t know why he turned into a criminal but I think he needs to go to prison far a very very long time. He has had plenty of chances to straitin his act up but he acts like the LAWS are for everyone but him. He seems to be getting worse and worse and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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