Ohio Teacher Sues School District Over ‘Fear of Children’

There are many things in life that make us go “hmmm,” and frivolous lawsuits are no exception.

A teacher in Ohio is filing a lawsuit against her school district for discrimination.  Now, you’re probably thinking its due to age, race or religious preference.  These are things we might consider typical when it comes to discrimination lawsuits.  However, Maria C. Waltherr is suing because her school district forced her to teach younger children, despite her fear of children.  Mariemont (Ohio) school district reassigned 61-year-old Waltherr, a French teacher for 35 years, from teaching high school to junior high.

In her lawsuit, Waltherr claims the district knew she had a phobia of children, and has suffered from this condition since the 1990’s, therefore, pressuring her to resign.

A Google search by the North Platte Post did reveal that a fear of children is a real condition.  It’s called pedophobia and has the following symptoms: terror, dread, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, nausea, dry-mouth and anxiety, and experts highly recommend that people with this condition choose a profession other than teaching.


  • MissyT

    On behalf of all taxpayers, I’d like to thank all the lawyers who bring frivilous law suits and who benefit from garbage suits like this so we hard working Americans can pay more and more. I’d also like to thank the parasites feeding on society who think they should get paid and not do their job. TYVM!

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